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Shoes Adidas for martial arts & ldquo contestant & ldquo
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Contestant is often called the and slim Develop Adidas for the world of martial arts, a unique design to ensure ease and speed increase & agrave in the movement and at the same time a stable support in the toe and slim.
L & slim forefoot and the heel have dedicated gain points, but the sole-, consists of two parts for a better flexibility and agrave of the base while the handles.
The model without laces White & ndash with the reinforced neon orange and has mesh inserts for improved breathability of the foot.
Fits for the & agrave Dell & slim products and ndash High, thanks to support elastic in the heel.
Please note: The more you prolonged use while training the shoes better tend to the shape of your foot, so & ndash advisable to take the standard: less at the moment of purchased.
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Perch & eacute use the shoes in the Taekwondo or martial arts
The taekwondo shoes are perfect for the protection of your feet in all conditions for training, even in the most difficult conditions of protected training by pi & ugrave the Pi & ugrave, mandat time the seminars or the intensive training sessions with difficult and hard surfaces.
Remember that each shoe has its own function: This shoes are fitted in such a way so as not l & sleek Ideal for running at the highest sports perch & eacute have a system of Abschreibung designed for l & slim activities & agrave right and that differs from and slim damping required for protects the joints when running, therefore, a long and intense.

adidas Shoes Contestant Adibra 44 2 3 QRNEEHTSY

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